A blog posting system

As a researcher you always need to learn new things, you need to take notes, and look back constantly to get new understanding. That rule also applies to reading papers, some interesting paper’s very rich in meaning and many devils hide in details.

Remzi proposes an interesting idea in his famous OSTEP book, the mental model matters in system research. The mental model is mainly procedural in system paper, by asking questions we can get a systematic organization of how this systems work. I also want to attach a design model to this mental model, which ask questions about why to choose this design. That one is motivated by yiying‘s design doc format, for us to revisit these design choice and understand the tradeoff.

I have to say a newbie in system research(like me, of course!) has many confusion in his first time reading paper. Thus I will try to use an asynchronous way of writing blogs(about important things!). I wrote many notes, many of them are gists of ideas, periodically I will revisit these notes and rethink to see what I forgot and what’s my new feelings. I will choose some of the interesting ideas to post it in my blogs. It’s a little bit like the LSM background writing thread, regularly fetch notes from my “note pool” and write it to the persistence.